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Milwaukee County Birth to 3

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Together we will show support for the thousands of children in our community, and promote our tagline:

Connect, Play, Learn, Grow.

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Save the dates for our upcoming Friday Fun in the Park events and more!


How does your knowledge affect your baby’s ability to learn?

Children learn best when their parents are not only affectionate, but also have skills in communication, listening, rule making, and safely promoting independence

View some resources below:

How to Keep Your Toddler's Skills on Track

Knowing How To Find Help

(Sometimes as parents we need to learn that everyone needs help and parenting can be hard)


Every day is an opportunity to facilitate positive mental and physical development.

Parents and caregivers who have resilience and flexibility to conquer the stress of everyday life and the occasional crisis provide an environment where the child is able to grow in a safe, nurturing, environment.

View some resources below:

What To Do When You Notice Your Child's Milestones Aren't Being Met

Parenting As Children Grow

Grow with the BirthGrow with the Birth to 3 Program – Success Stories

Marie's Testimonial

Crystal's Testimonial

Alyssa's Testimonial


Being a consistent caring adult in a child’s life will make all the difference! 

Research shows that babies who receive affection and nurturing from a caring adult will have better academic grades, healthier behaviors, more positive peer interactions, and an increased ability to cope with stress.

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View some resources below:

Tips For Fostering Early Friendships

The Power Of Connection

Parent Cafes With The Parenting Network

Five For Families- Connecting With Others

Tip Sheet For Connecting With Others-  Five for Families


How does play affect your baby’s development? 

Parents and Caregivers who have connections with their social networks find it easier to care for their children and themselves.

By establishing a healthy group of people to connect and experience “play” with as an adult, leads parents and caregivers to be more caring and supportive, while dramatically lowering the risk of mistreating children.

View some resources below:

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

Play With Free Stuff: No Batteries Required!

The Importance of Play for Development

Learning to Cope Through Play

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